Below are the most common challenges I support families through

  • Early rising
  • Sleep Education around normal infant and toddler sleep patterns
  • Naps (working towards more independent naps, when baby is developmentally ready)
  • No longer wanted or unwanted bed sharing
  • Frequent night wakings (fighting the root cause beyond behavior)
  • Gradual Night Weaning, reducing feeds after 12 months
  • Transitions (bassinet to crib, parents’ bed to the child’s sleep space/room, crib to bed) 
  • Split nights
  • Welcoming a new baby
    Daycare/Childcare transitions
  • Toddler bedtime difficulties
    Identifying you child’s daily rhythms
  • Building a variety of soothing options, so you can gradually wean from the sleep associations that no longer work fo you and your family (including rocking, nursing, bouncing to sleep)
  • Child Development
  • Respectful, Conscious parenting