Hi there! 

I'm Mariana, a mama to two little ones, a former ECE who specializes in Infants and Toddlers, also currently working on a Psychology degree.

I dedicated the past decade to studying psychology, child development, cognitive neuroscience, responsive respectful education, as well as how attachment happens in the first years of human life.
I struggled with the lack of sleep after our first son was born, and that compelled me to study about normal infant sleep and understand my own expectations. I became passionate about the subject and went on to complete five courses and certifications related to children sleep, sleep science and breastfeeding education.

I am a Certified Pediatric & Maternity Sleep Coach,  a Certified Sleep and Well-being Specialist  (aka Baby-led Sleep), as well as a Holistic Sleep Coach practitioner.  

The Responsive Parents Project was born in 2017, when we were expecting our second child and I began to write about my experience and observations, as well as about the importance of respecting the parent-child relationship by building trust and connection on a daily basis.
I do not believe babies can sleep through the night before they are developmentally ready, but I do believe children sleep better when parents feel confident and focus on attachment relationships. I do not promise to solve all your sleep issues but I know that I can help you get more rested and connected to your instincts while building trust for changes that go beyond sleep and become a life long nurturing value.