If you are looking for Attachment-focused Sleep  & Parenting support, I am so glad you found me! I am here to help you make peace with your Sleep & Parenting struggles.

 My offerings include, FREE Sleep & Parenting resources, Affordable Guides, 1:1 consults and Audio courses that fit different needs and budgets.

Payment plans are also available.

Responsive Parenting

Building conscious, respectful relationships from the start while also being responsive to yourself and your own needs.

Sleep from a Secure Attachment perspective 

My experience and education provide me with tools to holistically support families from a responsive, conscious  perspective to find sleep solutions that strengthen relationships, validate instincts and nurture the parent-child attachment relationship. 

Conscious Mothering

Helping moms find joy in rediscovering  themselves, breaking unhelpful patterns, while identifying the belief systems that no longer serve them. 

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